Misha Cirkunov Snatches Peruvian Necktie From Jaws of Defeat

Misha Cirkunov raised some eyebrows a few days ago when he mentioned he uses virtual reality to help with his UFC cage anxiety. But whatever he’s doing he should keep doing it. Cirkunov scored a decisive victory over light heavyweight competitor Jimmy Crute in Vancouver this evening at UFC Fight Night 158.

And things were not looking good for the Latvian-Canadian fighter for a minute there. Taken down and mounted by the 23-year-old Crute, the audience smelled blood as Cirkunov was being ground and pounded into what looked like certain defeat. But as the strikes reigned down, Cirkunov shifted his position, managed to sweep Crute, then took the younger fighter down with a left heavy left hand.

As Crute shoots in to defend from the ground, we see Cirkunov sprawl, throw his leg over in transition, and then….oh, it is a thing of beauty:

Nicely done, Sir.


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