Scuffle Between Two Allegedly Intoxicated Off-Duty Security Guards Ends In Armbar & Arrest

We’re all about being able to use your jiu-jitsu to protect yourself in the event of a street fight, but sometimes, an example comes along demonstrating when not to use your BJJ skills outside of the gym. Namely, when you and your “opponent” are intoxicated.

A Reddit post from user TheInward07 shows two people described as off-duty security guards involved in a scuffle on the street. According to the Redditor, this is what led to the incident:

They are both officers, their shift ended at 6 am, apparently they stayed downtown since they got off and seen wrestling in a casino before being removed. I happed to walk by (Around noon) and see a guy in an arm bar, and noticed it was a very f*cked up Sargent of the security of Fremont. The other officers listen to their Sargent when he asks for cuffs I guess. So many things went wrong.

TheInward07 also says that both participants in the “fight” were “high and drunk after EDC [Electric Daisy Carnival],” which is a music festival in Las Vegas.

In the video, one man puts the other in an armbar, possibly hyperextending the elbow, before bending his arms behind his back. While some comments in the original thread say that the victim’s arm had been broken, there’s no real indication that a break occurred. The video is only mildly graphic and safe to watch if you’re a bit squeamish.


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