Rener Gracie Narrates His Rolls With Four Korean Black Belts

If you love mixing travel and jiu-jitsu, you’ve probably been interested in how BJJ styles and techniques differ depending on where you train.

In this Gracie Breakdown video, Rener Gracie shares a bit of what it was like for him to roll with four BJJ black belts on his trip to Seoul, South Korea. See if you can pick up any tips or tricks from his narration of these impressive rolls!

Rener Gracie vs. 4 Korean Black Belts

After an awesome super seminar at I had a chance to spar with the four black belts in attendance. I narrated it so you know what I was thinking the whole time! If you like it, check out the new narrated sparring videos every week on or find a Certified Training Center near you! Women Empowered 2.0 pre-sale ends Jan 31! Pre-order now to get 15% off and your collection autographed by Rener and Eve!

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Thursday, January 24, 2019


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