Serve Up Sliced Calves Like BJJ Kumite Winner Sean Roberts

Sean Roberts still may not as be as recognizable as Garry Tonon, AJ Agazarm, or AJ Sousa just yet, but he memorably bested all of them at BJJ Kumite back in 2012 in one of his most dominant performances as a then still-developing competition circuit grappler.

Now the reigning 2018 IBJJF Nationals champ, black belt Roberts is a submission machine with a fearsome triangle choke, but it was his sneaky calf slicer that caught the eye of breakdown expert BJJ Trickster in this new tutorial.

Roberts’ slicer waits for an unsuspecting opponent to step into it while hunting for guard passes. Once the challenger sets him up, Roberts hugs the knee to his chest and then falls back, dragging his victim into position. Trickster makes the details of crossing the leg and grip placement super easy to spot with freeze frame, so get into this tape to master the rest:


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