Shift Your Grip To Make The Bow and Arrow Extra Lethal

To say Wade Rome is a big jiu-jitsu guy is kind of an understatement. A longtime black belt with decades in the sport, the super heavyweight has been on the road hitting up gyms all over the nation for seminars and training sessions this last year, taking time to spotlight the moves his hosts pull during live rolls that blow him away most in his ongoing “Daily Dose” series.

This week Rome lays down and plays uke to let Professor Tom Wheeler of Olympus BJJ in St. Charles, Illinois, demo the “nasty” details of his favorite bow and arrow executions. Check and see if you’re firing your B&A the way these two black belts do…and enjoy the blood trapped in Wade’s dome as Tom takes you through the motions.

Daily Dose #102 with Tom Wheeler who owns & operates Olympus Jiu-Jitsu Academy in St. Charles, IL.Tom shows some really slick transitions from the Bow & Arrow position that I have not seen before. Check this craziness out….it’s NASTY! Enjoy! 😎Post Note: PLEASE, Support the cause to Make Jiu-Jitsu Nasty Again by visiting my sponsor, and use discount code DAILYDOSE. By doing so you will get 15% off and free shipping on excellent quality CBD Products that I use personally.Or, hit me up by DM for a Make Jiu-Jitsu Nasty Again Hat or Daily Dose Tee. As always, Thank You for Your Support.#makejiujitsunastyagain#dailydoseofnastiness#waderomebjj#dailydose#bigthingscomingsoon

Posted by Wade Rome on Saturday, January 5, 2019


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