Undertrained Cops Beaten, Carjacked, By Suspect

Ground game is life, y’all.

In the new Gracie Breakdown two Arkansas sheriff’s officers unfortunately demonstrate what happens when people tasked with enforcing the law aren’t adequately trained in top control and grappling techniques.

The video shows one male and one female officer on top of a suspect who is face down. One officer straddles the back but doesn’t drop his weight or secure…um, any fulcrum, really. So the suspect, identified only as “Jerry” by a bystander, turns into the officer and uses his totally free hands to take the baton away. Then hits both officers with the baton. Then steals their car. Then drives away.

It’s not a great moment in law enforcement history.

Gracie University is currently offering to sponsor both officers for their Gracie Survival Tactics course if anyone can ID them.

(Props to Jerry’s friend for trying to get him to do the right thing though.)

Tough to watch! Expecting cops to fight crime without providing them the proper training, is a crime in itself. Police chiefs across the country need to do better for their officers. If anyone knows these two officers from Arkansas, let them know we want to sponsor their attendance in the the Gracie Survival Tactics course. 🙏🏼

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Sunday, December 23, 2018


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