Watch What Happens to Two Punks Harrass Couple in Walkway

“Don’t start none, won’t be none are,” are wise words to live by.

Unfortunately, some punks have to learn this lesson the hard way.

In the CCTV video below, a young couple are minding their own business as they walk through a tunnel walkway when they stroll by two hoodlums. One of the hoodlums, for no apparent reason, decides to throw two items at the couple, which causes the boyfriend to turn around to confront the two punks.

Watch what happens in the video below.


  1. What the boyfriend did is highly illegal not to mention dangerous to both himself and his girlfriend.
    For all we know the dude smashing his head on the pavement could have been crippled or killed.

    Also the BF was sort of lucky they did not know how to fight. He could have walked away but instead he engaged into a highly dangerous situation and then started physical violence which could have easily resulted in the first guy getting killed.


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