Woman Controls Opponent In “Triangle Choke” In Black Friday Brawl Over A Toy

Black Friday is infamous for the fights that break out over discounted products a day after a holiday reminding us to give thanks for what we already have. This year’s Black Friday was no different, and bystander video footage captured a brief wrestling match between two women reportedly fighting over a hoverboard at a Walmart in Danville, KY.

One woman attempts to control the other in a position that could have been a poorly executed triangle choke before bystanders get the two to separate. Lesson learned: Don’t get into fights over toys, but if you must get into a fight over a toy, make sure you know enough jiu-jitsu to both escape and properly apply a triangle choke. Check out the tongue-in-cheek Gracie Breakdown video below:

Triangle Choke in Walmart! 😲😲😲 #blackfriday

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Saturday, November 24, 2018


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