Yes, Team Street Fighting is a Sport and its Both Fun and Brutal!

Give it to the Eastern Europeans from Latvia, who have come up with the amazing concept of Team Fighting Championships. We have seen chess boxing where fighters alternate rounds of boxing and chess and tag team MMA which mirrors pro wrestling tag team matches. Now, our former Eastern Block friends have given us the gift of 5-on-5 MMA street fight style showdowns.

All of the fighters are trained in either MMA, wrestling, or Pankration. All of the teams are from Europe except for the GPG team from New York. Here is a list of names. Psycho-Fans, Wisemen, and Prague Boys sounders way more intimidating than Team Alpha Male.

DH (Minsk, Belarus)

GPG (New York, USA)

JungVolk (Moscow, Russia)

LPH (Poznan, Poland)

Prague Boys (Prague, Czech Republic)

Psycho-Fans (Chorzow, Poland)

San-Da LPF (Riga, Latvia)

Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden)

In the TFC, 2 teams consisting of 5 fighters per team square off against each other in an over sized boxing ring that is 4 to 6 times the size of a normal boxing ring. The fight starts with each team lined up on opposite sides of the ring. When the fight starts they charge at each other and it is anything goes from there. The start of the match reminds me of the gang fights scenes in Gangs of New York and the Outsiders.There are multiple referees controlling the action and like MMA, there are submissions, knock outs, and referee stoppages.

Things get very interesting once one fighter is eliminated since it now creates a 5 on 4 situation where one unfortunately soul is going to get double teamed by 2 trained killers. From there the odds are difficult to overcome and there are instances where there are 5 fighters ganging up on the remaining member of a team. 5 on 1 are tough odds in dodge ball and likely a gazillion to one in the TFC.

The TFC is a bit of a freak show,which makes me wish the Japanese promoters in Pride came up with it a decade ago. Image a Chute Boxe team lead by Wanderlei Silva vs Marc Coleman and Hammer House in an all out 5-on-5 brawl. What about Team Renzo Gracie with  Renzo Gracie, Matt Serra,and Ricardo Almeida vs the Miletech Team with Pat Miletech, Matt Hughes, and Jans Pulver?

LPH vs. JungVolk

JungVolk vs. Prague Boys

San-Da LPF vs GPG


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