Bullied Teen Charlee Funes Accepts Rener Gracie’s Sponsorship

Despite being a victim of a deliberate act of bullying, 7th grader Charlee from Illinois appears to be discovering a silver lining. Within one day of sending out a public request to get in contact with Charlee, Rener Gracie was successful in touching base with her and her mother via videoconference.

During the call, Rener takes note to outline the kind personality of Charlee, pointing out that bullies may often take a kind personality as a sign of weakness to pick on. He asserts that Charlee needn’t sacrifice her personality whatsoever but would simply benefit from having the verbal and physical self-defense tools to back it up.

Rener offers to sponsor her for the Gracie Bullyproof Program at the closest affiliate training center near her. She graciously accepts to attend Professor Jeff Kim’s school in Elgin, Illinois.

Let’s hope she takes to jiu-jitsu and becomes empowered to stand her ground in the future, becoming a more confident human being in the process. Jiu-Jitsu Times will continue to track her journey.


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