How To Make Michael Chiesa’s One-Arm Kimura Finisher Your Own

Given how jaw dropping a night of fights UFC 232 turned out to be, it’s possible Michael Chiesa’s devastating one-armed kimura finish of Carlos Condit may not get the attention the truly sneaky submission deserves. Between the grip (no easy feat in gloves) and the angle, it’s a variation on one of the oldest joint locks in the book that we rarely get to see and most will not have practiced.

However, it’s also a submission that catch wrestlers and the like may recognize–one that requires surprisingly little effort if you set it up correctly. included a variation on Chiesa’s theme in this now-vintage tutorial on low effort but high efficacy kimura finishes from 2016.

Let Dan “The Wolfman” walk, and rock, you through some ways to work the one-arm kimura into your training this week:


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