Fight 2 Win 139 Results: Tama Defeats Crelinsten, Cyborg Defeats Ferreira

Fight 2 Win made its return tonight in Dallas and showed that they could still put on an action-packed, high-quality show even with coronavirus-prompted modifications.

The co-main event of the evening saw Renzo Gracie/ TriStar athlete Ethan Crelinsten go head to head with No-Gi World Champion Johnny Tama in an intense match filled with submission attempts.

Crelinsten immediately sat guard, working briefly for a leg entanglement before Tama was able to disengage. Crelinsten was then able to get a hold of his opponent’s legs and stand up to sweep him to his back. Tama managed to get himself beneath Crelinsten and work for a heel hook, but Crelinsten managed to slip out before Tama could finish. As Crelinsten worked to pass Tama’s guard, Tama elevated his opponent and tried to work for another leg entanglement. The competitors had a bit of back-and-forth as Tama briefly managed to regain the top position before returning to playing guard, showcasing his flexibility and throwing on (and quickly abandoning) an omoplata attempt before the two returned to a leg entanglement. Crelinsten then attempted a heel hook of his own, then another, both of which Tama was able to escape.

It was clear from there that each competitor would be aiming to finish the match with a leg lock. Crelinsten was still focused on passing Tama’s flexible guard, and Tama continued to search for submissions at every opportunity. With about 30 seconds left, Tama attempted a tight kneebar, and Crelinsten escaped and worked to take Tama’s back, getting a body triangle on him but not being able to capitalize on it before the clock ran out. The judges awarded Tama the victory by unanimous decision.

The main event saw Vinicius Ferreira go up against Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu in a battle of guard retention and guard passing.

Ferreira started the match by pulling guard, working his butterfly and half-butterfly guards. Cyborg aggressively tried to get past Ferreira’s legs and nearly managed it, but Ferreira recovered and was able to keep his opponent at bay. Cyborg nearly managed to pass again with about a minute left, but was unable to get past Ferreira’s guard before time ran out. The referees awarded the victory to Cyborg via unanimous decision.

Here are the full results for F2W 139:

Black Belts

  • Roberto Abreu defeats Vinicius Ferreira via decision
  • Johnny Tama defeats Ethan Crelinsten via decision (FOTN)
  • Paulo Azambuja defeats Cameron Couch via armbar
  • Yuri Santos defeats Andre Gomes via split decision
  • Igor Paivaa defeats Jeff Hamond via decision
  • Vinicius Carvalho Garcia defeats Kevin Williams via decision

Brown Belt Results

  • Justin Renick defeats Aaron Culpepper via rear naked choke (FOTN)
  • Kevin McCormick defeats Joshua Hightower via armbar (SOTN)

Purple Belt Results

  • Grayson Henley defeats Alex Lopez via dead orchard (SOTN)
  • Dillon Hinojosa defeats Colby Capps via heel hook (FOTN)

Blue Belt Results

  • Dylan Martinez defeats Alexander Leon via split decision (FOTN)


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