Fight 2 Win 146 FULL RESULTS: Edwin Najmi, Caio Terra Victorious In Austin

Another big Fight 2 Win event has concluded, and after an exciting night of matches in Austin, TX, we finally have our winners of F2W 146.

The co-main event of the evening saw BJJ legend Caio Terra go up against 10th Planet star Gabe Tuttle in a fast-paced no-gi match.

Tuttle began in guard, but Terra wasted no time in getting to mount. Tuttle was able to get away after Terra moved to side control, then resumed playing guard. A brief exchange nearly led to a leg lock battle, but both competitors disengaged before any damage could be done. Terra got past Tuttle’s legs, moving to mount and flattening out his opponent, but wasn’t able to get anything done with a brief leg lock attempt. He again moved to mount and Tuttle was unable to shake him off until Terra started to attempt a submission, resulting in a scramble that left Terra forced to pass Tuttle’s guard again. In the final minute of the match, both competitors cranked up the action, with Terra unsuccessfully and briefly attempting another leg lock, but neither was able to finish the match before time ran out.

Terra was awarded the unanimous decision at the end of the match.

In the main event of the evening, Edwin Najmi faced off against Ares BJJ’s Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho. Najmi began the match working on passing Queixinho’s guard, which turned into a toehold attempt from both competitors. Queixinho let go first, and the two began to roll out of bounds. As they returned to the center of the stage, Queixinho resumed playing guard, attempting an Estima lock and eventually working to a single hook on Queixinho’s back. After rolling out of bounds a couple of times, Najmi was reset onto Queixinho’s back in the center, where he was quickly able to get his other hook in and sink the choke for the win.

Photo: Fight 2 Win

Najmi was declared the winner via submission.

You can view the full results of the event below:

[wsc id=”128109″]

Refugio Salgado Submits Phillip Brown via Kimura
Zane Mangan Submits Alessio Farrell via Armbar
Jackson Glass Submits Nate Suarez via Armbar
-Blue Belts
Marco Mendes Submits Connor Ogle via Armbar
Jacob Bornemann defeats Kory Ramos Decision
Tiffany Butler defeats Laci Clifton Decision
Freddy Marquez defeats Colt Lewis Decision
-Purple Belts
Jaidyn Mueller defeats Emily Fernandez Split Decision (Becomes Female Feather Weight NOGI Champion)
Jacob Couch Submits Cam Padilla via Head & Arm Choke
Ramiro Leon Submits Jimi Newsome Kimura (SOTN)
Felipe Ferreira defeats ERmerson Rogerio Split Decision (FOTN)
Kemoy Anderson defeats Alex Asad Decision
Alejandro Wajner defeats Matt Kopra Decision
Matheus Azancot defeats Chase Sosa Split Decision
Joey Miranda Submits Adam Fujawa via Heelhook
Jorge Valladares Submits Micah Valdez Heelhook
-Brown Belts
Xavier Silva defeats Clay Mayfield Split Decision (Becomes F2W Brown Belt Middleweight Champion)
Justin Renick defeats Matt via Cox Decision
Italo Lima Costa Submits Nicholas Spacek via Toe hold
Adolfo Santiago Suarez Submits Caleb Isaacks Heel Hook
Lauren Sears Submits Julia Balmante via kimura
David Weintraub defeats Julian Godinez via Decision
Zack Cothren defeats Fernando Koupparis via Decision
Sergei Zack Edwards Submits Leonardo Junior via Armbar (SOTN)
-Black Belts
Edwin Najmi Submits Osvaldo Moizinho via RNC (SOTN)
Caio Terra defeats Gabe Tuttle via decision
Andrew Wiltse Submits John Combs via Heel Hook
Junny E Ocasio Submits Justin Ordinario via Heel Hook
Christopher William Hargett Submits Marcus Douthitt via Choke
Carlos Souza Submits Joel Adan via Choke
Danilo Moreira Submits Silvio Duran via Choke
Steve Hargett Submits Eric Board via Choke
Frisco DeLeon defeats Renato Tagliari Decision
Alan Sanchez defeats Ralph Sebexen via Head & Arm Choke
Javier Gomez Submits Mark Farrell via loop choke


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