Fight 2 Win 148 Full Results: Victor Hugo Retains Title, Keenan Cornelius Wins F2W Debut

Fight 2 Win 148 saw another night of explosive action in Austin, Texas. With highlights that included a nail-biter of a match between Kendall Reusing and Brittney Elkin (that ultimately saw Reusing submit Elkin with under ten seconds to go), this is an event that won’t soon be forgotten.

In the co-main event of the evening, Keenan Cornelius made his F2W debut and took on Matheus Luna in the gi.

Luna started the match trying to pass Cornelius’ guard as Cornelius began working his infamous lapel game. Cornelius worked his way into an omoplata, then transitioned into a kneebar attempt. The competitors were reset after venturing too close to the edge of the match, and Cornelius was able to refine his kneebar attempt. However, Luna defended, and the two ended up in a 50/50 position, where they stayed for much of the remainder of the match. After finally managing to untangle themselves after a few attempts to come up from both athletes, Cornelius and Luna finished the match off by attempting foot locks against each other with about ten seconds to go. Neither was able to finish the submission, however, and Cornelius was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

In the main event, Max Gimenis took on Victor Hugo for the super heavyweight black belt gi title.

The match started with Hugo keeping Gimenis in closed guard. After a couple of quick passing attempts from Gimenis, Hugo opened up his guard, first working some lasso-like positions before wrapping up a leg and coming up in 50/50. Gimenis managed to reverse the position and came up in Hugo’s reverse closed guard. Hugo came up and attempted a kneebar, but Gimenis was able to rotate and protect himself from the submission. Not giving up, though, Hugo came up and snatched Gimenis’ back, locking on a choke/face crank and quickly getting the tap.

With the win, Hugo retained his F2W title.

Photo: Fight 2 Win / Kyu Lee


– Blue Belts
Tshaka Curtis defeats Dayton Biggs via Split Decision
André Cunha defeats Richard Pema via decision
Roman Baker defeats Freddy Marquez via decision
– Purple Belts
Scott Lasater Submits Spencer Fossier via Cross ChokeSOTN
Felipe Daniel Ferreira defeats Juno Lucero via decisionFOTN
Matheus Dantas defeats Zach Wolivar via decision
Jacob Kassama Submits Max Catamaglia via Choke
Robert Robinson defeats Ned Johnson via decision
Gabriel Costa defeats Dory Auon via decision
Ramiro Leon defeats Larry Bradford via decision
Walker Madden defeats Billy Akins via decision
Kemoy Anderson defeats Bronson Hansen via decision
Stephanie Williamson defeats Caitlin Cardenas via decision
Max Hanson defeats Evan Kotzur via decision
Michael Walker defeats Nicholas Liwanag decision
Lívia Santos defeats Rebekah Caka via decision
Brandon Gambucci defeats JD Ortega via decision
– Brown Belts
Mike Diaz defeats Danny Hernandez via Split DecisionFOTN
Breylor Grout Submits Elder Cruz via Guillotine
Sloan Clymer Submits Justin Renick via Front Naked ChokeSOTN
Marlon Tanaka Fagundes Submits Nader Tannir via Kneebar
Eric Coe defeats Austin Fraley via decision
Zach Cothren submits Jacob Landin via Armbar
Darin Conner DeAngelis Submits Sean McCleary via Bow & Arrow Choke
Andrezo Ramos defeats Levi De Moura Guimaraes via Decision
– Black Belts
Victor Hugo defeats Max Gimenes via ChokeRetains Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Title
Keenan Cornelius defeats Matheus Luna via decisionFOTN
Chris Roberson defeats Bruno Bastos via DecisionBecomes Masters Black Belt Super Heavy Weight Champion
Kendall Marie Reusing defeats Brittney Elkin via Guillotine
Richar Nogueira defeats Andris Brunovskis via decision
Mathias Luna defeats Carlos Souza via decision
Erick Raposo defeats Marcus Douthitt via decision
Juan Fernando Garcia defeats Cristobal Chavez via split decision
Vitor Côrte Submits Chris Crosby via foot lockSOTN
Gilvan Gomes defeats Henrique Nogrega via split decision


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