Fight 2 Win 149 FULL RESULTS: Gabriel Almeida Defeats Manuel Ribamar In Main Event

Photo: Fight2Win

Fight 2 Win 149 was an event full of exciting title matches at all belt levels, providing yet another night of action-packed jiu-jitsu in Texas. The two biggest matches of the evening were stunning displays of technique and expertise, with Manuel Ribamar replacing Keenan Cornelius at the last minute and putting up a solid fight against Gabriel Almeida.

In the co-main event of the night, Luiza Monteiro took on Jena Bishop for the black belt featherweight title in the gi.

Monteiro started by pulling guard, then switched the position and came on top inside Bishop’s half- and then quarter-guard. Monteiro looked like she might get her foot out and transition to mount, but Bishop recovered and pulled Monteiro into her closed guard. After getting her opponent’s guard open, Monteiro worked to pass and was then able to work for the back, getting her hooks in and gripping Bishop’s lapels for the choke. Though Bishop was initially able to defend, Monteiro was able to finish the match early with the choke, winning the match and the black belt featherweight gi championship title.

The main event of the night saw yet another rematch between Gabriel Almeida and Manuel Ribamar, who was a last-minute replacement after Keenan Cornelius suffered a back injury just days before the event.

Ribamar kicked off the action by pulling guard, and Almeida established control by locking up one of Ribamar’s legs under his arm. Ribamar then pulled one of Almeida’s legs through to put the competitors in a loose 50/50 position, with Almeida controlling one of Ribamar’s lapels. Almeida got to his feet and then returned to the ground, then both competitors disengaged and released their grips to return the match to the feet. Ribamar briefly went back to playing guard, but the match quickly returned to the feet. Almeida jumped guard and then opened it as he hit the ground, and Ribamar worked to pass, but Almeida fought his way back to the feet. They nearly tumbled off the stage as Almeida once again jumped guard, and though Ribamar was working on passing, the referee reset the competitors on the feet. Ribamar then pulled guard and worked his grips, and Almeida tried one more attempt to pass, but wasn’t able to before time ran out.

The judges awarded Almeida the unanimous decision victory.

Gabriel Almeida defeats Manuel RibamarDecision
Junny Ocasio defeats Lucas Pinheiro (Becomes Black Belt NOGI Bantam Weight Champ)Split Decision
Luiza Monteiro Submits Jena Bishop (Becomes Black Belt GI Feather Weight Champ)Choke
Max Danrley submits Mauricio Fernandes (SOTN)Armbar
Cliff Sabroe defeats Sean JosephSplit Decision
Jeff Hammond Submits Eric BoardArmbar
Joao Costa defeats Jean PetricSplit Decision
Gilvan Gomes defeats Kevin Williams (FOTN)Split Decision
Diego Santana Do EspĂ­rito Santo defeats Erick RaposoSplit Decision
Cody Hoffstatter defeats Frank RosenthalSplit Decision
– Brown Belt
Darin Conner DeAngelis Submits Tyler Murrah (Becomes Light Heavy Weight Gi Champ)Choke
Cameron Mellott defeats Eric Naples (Becomes Brown Belt NOGI Fly Weight Champ)Decision
Sloan Clymer defeats Emil Fischer (Becomes Brown Belt NOGI Light Heavy Weight Champ)Decision
Guilherme Bacha Guedes defeats Breylor Grout (FOTN)Split Decision
Guilherme Bacha Guedes defeats Breylor Grout (FOTN)Split Decision
Dominick Williams Submits Nader TannirChoke
Austin Fraley Submits Jaccob CharlesArmbar
Zach Cothren defeats Guilherme MonteiroDecision
Michael Egley defeats Leandro Nascimento (SOTN)Clover Leaf
David Weintraub Submits Cameron AdairRNC
– Purple Belt
Ramiro Leon Submits Jordan Marshall (SOTN)Triangle
Jacob Kassama Submits Jerry DeAmondChoke
Jess Bermudez defeats Rhodes Faraday (FOTN)Decision
Alexandru Marculescu Submits Jaedon NoblesHeel Hook
Kyle Hodgdon defeats Aric MercadoDecision
Noah Villemarette defeats Christopher SotoDecision
Juno Lucero defeats Carson SteicherDecision
Gabriel Aguiar Costa defeats Hemerson Neris de SouzaDecision
Zach Wolivar defeats Austyn McNeilDecision
Stephanie Williamson defeats Yasmim CoutinhoDecision
Christian Johnson defeats Leroy BrownDecision
– Blue Belt
Lorenzo Ledesma defeats Guillaume Prada (FOTN)Decision
Joshua Rodriguez defeats Oliver SmithSlam
Anthony Williams defeats Alejandro FelixGuillotine
Skylar Idell Submits Marie Eliza CorderoRNC
Nick Carlucci Submits Manuel Bernard Mejia (SOTN)Choke
Chase Main Submits Mitchell CuppHeel Hook
Hamza Al-Saad Submits Gray RamirezKneebar
– Teens
Kevin Ditto Submits Sean Rubchinuk (FOTN)Kimura
Owen Sabroe Submits Brayden Wolfe (SOTN)Ankle Lock



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