RESULTS: Lucas Barbosa Defeats Rafael Lovato Jr. In Main Event Of Fight 2 Win 144

Photo: Fight 2 Win

Fight 2 Win has put on yet another exciting show, and this time around, we saw the promotion cap off the night at Dallas’ F2W 144 with three exciting matches.

Before the co-main event, Edwin Najmi faced off against Jonnatas Gracie. Gracie pulled guard and worked for a sweep, but Najmi managed to stay on his feet and threw up a flying triangle. Gracie pulled himself out of the submission attempt and worked to pass Najmi’s guard as Najmi used his opponent’s lapels to maintain control. Gracie nearly managed to pass Najmi’s guard, but Najmi was able to keep his legs between them. The athletes ended back up on their feet, but went back to the ground shortly, with Najmi working on a pass and a d’arce choke attempt. Gracie reversed the position and the two ended up in a toehold battle, though neither was able to finish. With about a minute left, Gracie latched onto a straight ankle lock on his opponent, but wasn’t able to finish before the clock ran out. Gracie took home the victory via split decision.

In the co-main event, Nathalie Ribeiro and Talita Alencar went head to head for the bantamweight no-gi title. Ribeiro immediately engaged in a leg lock battle before Alencar disengaged and stood up. Ribeiro remained in guard, and though there was a toehold attempt from Alencar, she wasn’t able to finish it. A cartwheel pass attempt from Alencar landed her in closed guard and was nearly submitted with a tight armbar, but managed to get her elbow out in time. Alencar then went for a toehold, but Ribeiro seemed unfazed, and Alencar gave up on the attempt. After a brief, slick scramble that saw Alencar trying to get past Ribeiro’s agile guard, the two once again engaged in a quick leglock battle. Alencar flipped herself onto Ribeiro’s back, flattening her out and ultimately securing a body triangle. Ribeiro started to ease herself out of back control, but Alencar worked for an armbar. Ribeiro was still able to get out with under a minute left. The judges awarded Ribeiro the split decision, and she claimed the no-gi bantamweight title.

In the main event, Rafael Lovato Jr. took on Lucas Barbosa. Lovato Jr. pulled Barbosa into his closed guard, but Barbosa managed to escape the guard and briefly get past his opponent’s legs before Lovato Jr. managed to secure half-guard. Barbosa was able to pass, however, and held Lovato Jr. down in side control. In a quick transition, Barbosa managed to transition to an armbar, and Lovato Jr. quickly tapped, and Barbosa was declared the winner.

With F2W 144 concluded, we can now look forward to F2W 145, which will also take place in Dallas and features Xande Ribeiro vs. Gabriel Almeida as the main event.

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  • Black Belts
  • Lucas Daniel Barbosa Submits Rafael Lovato via Armbar (New LHVW Champion)
  • Nathalie Ribeiro defeats Talita Alencar via Split Decision (New F2W Bantam Weight Champion)
  • Jonnatas Gracie defeats Edwin Najmi via Split Decision
  • Jordan Burton III defeats Aaron Brooks via split Decision
  • Caio Caetano defeats Rehan Mutalib via Decision
  • Bruno Jacaré Dias defeats Filipe Matos via Decision
  • Bobby Emmons Submits Angel Lopez via heel hook
  • Kenny Cross Submits Stephen Hall via choke
  • Joseph Baize Submits Don Westman via inside heel hook
  • Rafael Lang Bjj Submits Brett Oteri via Armbar
  • Andrew Wiltse Submits Isiah Wright via RNC
  • Brown Belt
  • Clay Mayfield defeats Edgar Christian Benitez via Decision
  • Purple Belts
  • Jorge Valladares Submits Kemoy Anderson via Kneebar
  • Dan Cavazos Submits Dylan Nugyen via Choke
  • Sathya Wiltse defeats Carson Steicher via Decision
  • Dante Muschamp Submits Colton Phoenix via Armbar
  • Jacob Couch Submits Dominic Alfano via heel hook
  • Elder Cruz defeats Francisco Papasidero via decision
  • Chase Sosa Submits Jazz Ortiz armbar
  • Lucas Espinoza defeats Carlos Neto via Decision
  • Alejandro Wajner defeats Amador Barraza via Decision
  • Stephen Shnayderman Submits Von Wood via Armbar
  • Troy D Mercer defeats Marco Soto via Decision
  • Walker Madden Submits John Paul Robledo armbar
  • Kids
  • Icaro Moreno Submits Dandre Adams Straight via Armbar
  • Gui Balmante Submits Chris Ditto Armbar


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