Craig Jones & Nick Rodriguez To Face Kyle Boehm & Vinny Magalhaes In Submission Underground Tag Team Match

Remember a couple of days before Christmas last year when Chael Sonnen offered $25,000 to any duo who could beat Craig Jones and Gordon Ryan in a tag team match?

Well, a lot has happened since then, namely that Gordon Ryan has proclaimed his retirement and will no longer be competing in the match. The good news, though, is that all four competitors have now been confirmed, and Gordon or no Gordon, this will be a match you won’t want to miss.

BJJ Fanatics Invitational winner Kyle Boehm has revealed on social media that he and Vinny Magalhaes will be teaming up to try to defeat 2019 ADCC silver medalists Craig Jones and Nick Rodriguez. The match will take place on Submission Underground, which Sonnon runs.

Details on the match are still sparse, but as far as tag team matches go, this should be one that’s worthy of the $25,000. Though Boehm’s name carries less fame than that of Jones or Rodriguez, he made waves at the BJJ Fanatics Invitational when he strategically defeated Lucas Barbosa to win the championship. Magalhaes also has significant star power attached to him, having won ADCC and No-Gi Worlds.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will provide updates on this match and event as they become available.


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