SUG 27 Full Results: Mason Fowler Beats Checco, Eyes Return Against Kyle Boehm

Chael Sonnen’s SUG 27 showcased some highlight reel-worthy submissions with a Peruvian Neck-Tie, a few Heel Hooks, and an Aoki Ankle Lock.

In the championship bout, Mason Fowler sealed the victory against Gabriel Checco during OT. The two battled it out through regulation, with Fowler eventually taking the back before transitioning to a deep armbar as we neared the end of the round. Surprisingly, Checco was able to corkscrew out of the submission attempt and come back to his feet just before time expired. In OT, it was business as usual for Fowler as he opted for the back and showed his experience in that realm, retaining his title.

When asked about the near armbar during regulation, Fowler sang praise for Checco’s escape and performance, “I think that was a combination of me not being metally sharp at that moment, and also him having a really good escape technique and having the will to not tap. He definitely came in here to win. Reminds me of when I got the shot against Craig [Jones] how I was just in here to get my hand raised, I was going to do whatever it takes to win. I feel like he had that same mindset.”

Sonnen confirmed that Fowler’s next title defense will be against #1 contender Kyle Boehm, and Fowler is eager for the match, “Kyle Boehm, he’s an amazing competitor. I don’t have too much trash talk to say. HE’s the rightful #1 contender, there’s no argument about that… It’s going to be an amazing match-up… That’s like the clash of the titans in Submission UnderGround rules… I believe I do everything a little bit better than him. But with that being said, he does everything stronger than me because he’s maybe 0-30 lbs bigger than me. He’s jacked.”

The replay for SUG 27 is available on UFC Fight Pass.


Mason Fowler def. Gabriel Checco via RNC in OT

Chris Lencioni def. Zach Schneider via RNC in OT

Aaron Tiegs def. Micah Brakefield via RNC in OT


Kaniela Kahuanui def. Adam Smith via Armbar in OT

Travis Moore def. Alex Larmey via RNC in OT

Sean McCleary def. Juan Bernardo via Aoki Ankle Lock

Andrew Alexander def. Daniel Swain via Outside Heel Hook

Mark Hamel def. Dan Walsh via Inside Heel Hook 

Phelan Carron def. Josiah Iwamizu Via Peruvian Neck-Tie

John Simon def. Daniel Gladly vía Inside Heel Hook


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