F2W 137 Results: Barbosa Defeats Jimenez, Record 76% Of Matches End In Submission

Fight 2 Win is a submission-only promotion, so it’s no surprise that many of their events have high overall submission rates. But tonight, the promotion beat their own record for largest submission percentage, capping everything off with a huge match between Roberto Jimenez and Lucas Barbosa.

Barbosa vs. Jimenez was one of the promotion’s most highly anticipated matches in recent memory, and the two athletes delivered. The battle was an action-packed struggle between two of the best competitors in the jiu-jitsu scene right now, and in the end, Barbosa came ahead with the win via armbar, becoming the first person to defeat Jimenez since the young prodigy earned his black belt. The match also won the Fight of the Night award.

Barbosa’s victory was the perfect finish to a night that was jam-packed with submissions, including a d’arce choke from Marcus Wilson and a choke from YJ Lee that earned each athlete Submission of the Night honors. Fan-favorite Nikki Sullivan also added another win to her record with a kneebar, and former Team No Sleep member and new Nova Mente academy owner Troy Everett came out ahead with a baseball bat choke.

At the end of the night, the event held a 76.2% submission rate — the highest in the promotion’s history.

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Here are the full results:

  • Black Belts
  • Lucas Daniel Barbosa defeats Roberto Jimenez via Armbar
  • Michael Liera defeats Marcio Andre via Decision – (Becomes F2W Welterweight Champion)
  • Jake Watson defeats Rudson Mateus via Decision
  • Kevin Williams defeats Jeff Ake via Knee Bar
  • Marcus Wilson defeats Noah Thomas via D’arce Choke
  • Jeremy Hastings defeats Alex Le via Armbar
  • Nikki Sullivan defeats Erin Johnson via Knee Bar
  • Lucas Nabuco Araujo defeats Blake Dvorak via Split Decision
  • YJ Lee defeats Bret Hernandez via Choke
  • Steele McCall defeats Evan Barrett Ezekiel via Choke
  • Brown Belt
  • Bruce Bugbee defeats Thomas Stevenson via RNC
  • Joey Mack defeats Christopher Diaz via Split Decision
  • Dan Dykeman defeats Tyler Spurlin via Kneebar
  • Trevor Polhamus defeats Tyler Hampton via decision
  • Joshua Sauseda defeats Eddie Maestas via Choke
  • Eric Coe defeats James Mikus Cloverleaf
  • Troy Everett defeats Mike Costa via Baseball Bat Choke
  • Robert Parish defeats Daymar Ortiz via RNC
  • Ricky Furioso Johnson defeats Casey Pratt via Decision
  • Matt Paul defeats Anthony Santiago D’arce via Choke
  • Christopher Gabrielson defeats Joe Fishburn via Choke
  • Purple Belt
  • Aaron Holderman defeats Jamil Coleman triangle armbar
  • Michael Mccann defeats Nick Hall decision FOTN
  • Dalton Grinstead defeats Michael Argeeroplos armbar
  • Clay Wimer defeats Josh Taylor RNC
  • Ben Rhoton defeats Dale Bonnell Decision
  • Walker Madden defeats Ben Ashauer heel hook
  • Tayler Wiedeman defeats Ana Mayordomo Garcia Toehold
  • Tyrell Anderson defeats Josiah Thiemann heel hook
  • Drew Nickerson defats Gordo Pinon triangle
  • Brandon Ferguson defeats Daniel Gonzales triangle
  • Dan Becker beats Chris Messina Kimura SOTN
  • Ryan Dittman defeats Ryan Riebel armbar
  • Cristian Reyes defeats Nick Gamez Ramos decision
  • James Borders defeats Derek Nye decision
  • Brooke Mayo defeats Jaidyn Mueller Heel Hook – becomes Purple Belt No-Gi Lightweight Champ
  • Blue Belt
  • Stephanie Taylor defeats Jade Hernandez Heel Hook
  • Riley Golden defeats Kurt Koski armbar
  • Alec Guevara defeats Joey Godinez decision
  • Andrew G. Nott defeats Preston James heel hook
  • Grant Guidinger defeats Dwight Killpack shoulder lock

Amanda Dozier defeats Aaron Blum armbar


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