Fight 2 Win CEO Seth Daniels: “Quit Being Douchebags” To Get On Superfight Cards

Image Source: Mike Calimbas

Smack talk and “verbal sparring” is becoming more and more common amongst star grapplers and up-and-comers these days (and we saw a whole lot of it at Kasai Pro 3), but if you want to get on a Fight 2 Win card, you’ll be better off letting your jiu-jitsu do the talking.

F2W CEO Seth Daniels posted about how he feels regarding all the jiu-jitsu athletes who try to get on his cards using tough-guy talk, and needless to say, he’s over it:

I am super not into grapplers trying to shit talk their way into bjj matches. If you do it and tag me in it hoping this…

Posted by Seth Daniels on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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  1. Daniels knows a little something about being a douchebag. Check the records and you will why he was known as the king of sandbaggers when competing in grappling tournaments. With a lifetime of Judo experience, a Judo black, and national ranking, Daniels still felt compelled to compete in beginner grappling divisions in several tournaments.


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