Here Are Some Of The Best Judo Moments So Far At Fight 2 Win

Image Source: Mike Calimbas/ Fight 2 Win

Fight 2 Win’s inclusion of judo is still in its infancy, with the first judo match having taken place on the stage at F2W 101, but the sport is already shaking things up for the promotion in the best way possible.

F2W has showcased multiple judo black belts (including Olympian Ryan Reser and the promotion’s own CEO, Seth Daniels) since its first judo match, and if you haven’t been attending or watching the events, you now have the chance to see what you’re missing. Check out this clip of some of the event’s most explosive judo moments [so far], and don’t miss F2W’s next judo match, which will happen at F2W 105 on March 16 in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Featured image by Mike Calimbas


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