Orange-And-White Belt Kid Lands Fastest Submission In Fight 2 Win History With 4-Second Armbar

Fight 2 Win is coming up on its 116th show, and over the years, the promotion has seen its share of lightning-fast submissions. But the quickest one yet didn’t come from an ADCC champion or former UFC fighter — instead, it came from a kid.

At last weekend’s F2W 115, orange-and-white belt Jase Macatangay stepped onto the stage and armbarred his way to victory in just four seconds. The win set a new F2W record for the fastest submission in the promotion’s history — and frankly, beating it will be darn near impossible.

Jase caught up with F2W CEO Seth Daniels after the event to demonstrate his record-setting submission. If you have kids of your own or at the gym, show them this move to inspire them to reach their BJJ goals!


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