SUG3 Results: Dillon Defeats AJ Agazarm And Calls Jon Jones A ‘F*cking B*tch”

Gordon Ryan def Joe Baize: Armbar 

You have to give Joe Baize credit. He took on one of the biggest names in professional grappling on late notice.

The crowd stayed silent as Baize lived up to his name of the “Leg Lock Expert,” constantly going after Gordon’s leg. Ryan, however, seemed calm throughout the whole match, utilizing his much taller stature to go after Baize’s back.

Gordon got Joe’s back and locked in a body triangle. He transitioned to an armbar, then looked to go for a triangle. Ryan however stayed on Baize’s arm and got the tap.

Chad Mendes def Jeff Glover: RNC (overtime)

Contrary to the last match, the crowd was loud for this one, loving every one of Glover’s tactics.

As could be expected, Jeff played the donkey guard early, trying to lure Mendes into any position he could just to get an exchange going. Chad took the bait, but whenever it seemed like he was in control, Glover went in for a attack (usually of the heel hook variety) until the end of regulation.

Glover won the coin toss and took Chad’s back, tapping him out in 35 seconds.

Jeff started celebrating, shaking his opponent’s hand and jumping up on the cage. However, he forgot that the match wasn’t over. Chad still had a chance to tap him out in less than 35 seconds.

And that is exactly what he did, via RNC.

Antonio Carlos Jr def Garry Tonon: Flying Triangle

Garry may have had the pimped out entrance gear, but it was “Shoe Face” Antonio Carlos Jr. who had the pimped out moves.

Tonon started the match out with a duck-and-under takedown, but Shoe Face wasn’t having it. Carlos used the cage to his advantage, twice pressing his much smaller opponent up against it.

Both fighters stayed on their feet for the most part until Antonio leaped off the ground and wrapped his legs around Garry’s arm and shoulders. This forced the fight to the ground. Garry tried to push his way out, but as soon as Shoe Face’s leg went over his shin, Tonon’s fate was sealed, and he was forced to tap.

It wasn’t the result Garry Tonon wanted, but he was humble in defeat.

“I didn’t get caught; I got fucking submitted,” he yelled to the crowd.

Dillon Danis def AJ Agazarm: Escaping in the least amount of time

No love was lost between these two when they got into the cage for Submission Underground 3’s main event tonight.

Both grapplers put their wrestling on display. Dillon was, by far, the more aggressive one throughout regulation, going in for the majority of takedowns and butt scooting after AJ when the latter refused to engage. Danis also pulled quite a few leg attacks out of his magic satchel, but didn’t get anything. Halfway through the round, however, he did get unintentionally poked in his left eye, which closed up for the remainder of the bout.

When overtime came around, neither fighter was able to submit the other. Danis, however, earned himself the victory by escaping in the least amount of time.

AJ was not exactly gracious in defeat, though. The “Florida Boy” wrote off his opponent’s win, telling Chael Sonnen that Dillon Danis promised to come in at 180, but weighed in at 197. He also pointed out the Danis didn’t tap him out in six minutes like he promised.

Danis, however, decided to turn his attention to a (physically) much bigger opponent – one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time and the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

“Jon Jones is a fucking bitch!” he yelled to the crowd after having his Submission Underground belt wrapped around his waist.


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