Austin Vanderford Submits Richie Martinez In Overtime At Submission Underground 13

Austin Vanderford pulled off a surprising win against 10th Planet’s Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez at Submission Underground.

There was little time wasted before Martinez dropped to guard, nearly landing a straight armlock from there within the first minute, but Vanderford was able to escape. Vanderford attempted to control the legs to pass, but despite a cartwheel pass attempt and attempting a few leg drags, Martinez was able to keep him at bay. The match went into overtime with Vanderford still trying to get past Martinez’s guard.

Martinez began overtime in the spiderweb position, and Vanderford was able to escape almost as soon as the clock started. Vanderford was able to accumulate ride time from the back during his round, but was unable to submit Martinez at first. In the second round, Martinez had Vanderford’s back and nearly secured am armbar, but Vanderford was able to get out in time. Finally, Vanderford once again had Martinez’s back, and although Martinez was able to get on top, Vanderford was able to finish the match with a head-arm choke in overtime.


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