Craig Jones Defeats Vinny Magalhaes At Submission Underground 13

The highly anticipated main event between Craig Jones and Vinny Magalhaes at Submission Underground 13 ended in strange fashion following a couple of Jones’ trademark heel hooks.

Jones began the match by sitting guard, working from half-guard before going deep in on an inside heel hook. Magalhaes managed to escape, worked a leg entanglement of his own, but Jones was able to stand up and escape before finding himself in danger. He sat guard again and worked another deep heel hook, and despite the severity of the submission, Magalhaes still didn’t tap.

The competitors engaged in a conversation, with Jones appearing concerned for Magalhaes, who later was clearly engaging less and avoiding putting weight on his feet. After a bit more confusion, Magalhaes was unable to continue or stand, and the referee called Jones as the winner via submission.


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