Vinny Magalhaes Was Remarkably Chill After Having His Heel Hooked Into Another Dimension

If you watched Craig Jones and Vinny Magalhaes’ Submission Underground 13 match by peering through your fingers, you’re not alone. The main event at SUG 13 was an unusual (and at times confusing) match that left everyone wincing as Jones heel hooked Magalhaes multiple times, with the latter competitor refusing to tap even as the twist in his ankle made other people wince. Jones finally won the match after a verbal tap from Magalhaes later on, but although Magalhaes ate those heel hooks, he didn’t come out of the match unscathed.

After the match ended, many viewers had the same questions: At what point exactly did Magalhaes get hurt? Is anything broken? Do leg locks really not work? Is there enough eye bleach in the world to erase the image of his foot bent in such a horrifying way? Well, we don’t have the answers to all those questions, but the two grapplers chatted for a bit after their match, and Magalhaes gave some insight into what exactly was going through his head when those heel hooks happened. Check it out below:


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