F2W’s Seth Daniels Says Point Fighting Is “Fighting Not to Lose”

Photo Credit Caitlin Propst

“The Biggest Party in Grappling” hit Miami, Florida, on October 12th, marking Fight to Win Pro’s 91st event in 3 years. In that time the organization has figured out exactly what they’re about.

“We just wanna have the best guys out, have them make some money, get them submission hunting, and get them away from playing that bullshit points game,” event founder and CEO Seth Daniels explained to JJT last night. “Because that’s not really fighting to win, that’s fighting not to lose.”

Fight 2 Win is known as the first competition to bring the showmanship of Las Vegas boxing and big money mixed martial arts events to grappling, offering an alternative to suit-wearing and points dominant competitions which dominated the scene before it.

“The best part [of doing this] is the comments we get after from people who aren’t training and end up training because of the event. We had kids fighting tonight. We had 40+ year old grapplers. It’s a sport anyone can do at any age, and that’s one of the things we like to showcase,” said Daniels. (If you’re not familiar with F2W or Daniels, here’s a story that showcases what they’re both like.)

The entire post-event interview is below. You can keep up with events, including F2W’s upcoming stop in Philadelphia, here.



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