Jake Shields, Craig Jones, Win Again at Submission Underground

Jake Shields has done it again. The UFC veteran took out “Mr. Paige VanZant,” better known as Austin Vanderford, in overtime at Submission Underground’s Fight Pass return on May 12th. He joins Craig Jones, Jake Ellenberger, and Gilbert Melendez as some of the night’s big winners.

Submission Underground, Chael Sonnen’s sub-only baby, hit the Roseland Theatre in Oregon, giving Shields another opportunity to display the grappling he’s built a lengthy BJJ and MMA career on. His match ultimately didn’t evolve into the big tapout the event aims for its fights to showcase–after triple overtime and a lot of jockeying for setups, Shields won by judges’ nod for holding Vanderford in place vs. getting the tap.

Jake Ellenberger also appeared on the SU8 card, taking out fan favorite Diego Sanchez in an homage to their 2012 UFC “Fight of the Night” bout. Ellenberger also found himself unable to submit Sanchez, winning due to accumulated time differences. Gilbert Milendez won over Pat Healy similarly in triple overtime.

For submission wins, fans got Craig Jones’ toe hold over Dennis Hallman; Michael Brakenfield’s kneebarring of Shaun Kiatvongcharoen; and Fabian Scherner’s tapping of Bellator’s Matt Matrione by armbar in OT, below:

SU8 marks the fourth time Shields has taken the belt. You can catch a bit of his post-fight interview with Sonnen here:


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